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Letter to Sing-Si Ltd. Clients

To the Valued Clients of Sing-Si Ltd.:

While sadly acknowledging the untimely passing of Sing-Si Schwartz, I want to assure you that the professional computer consulting activities of Sing-Si Ltd. will go on without interruption. Please be assured that you will continue to be served in the same professional manner that you are accustomed to by the network of consultants that have assisted Sing-Si Ltd. in the past.

We will continue in honor of Sing-Si. The business will be known henceforth as MacConcierge, Inc.

I have arranged with Diana Kan, Sing-Si’s mother, to acquire all of the assets of Sing-Si Ltd. associated with the computer consulting business, as well as Sing-Si Ltd.’s computer consulting business database and other related records. You will experience no interruption in service.

It is my intent to follow up with each of you during the next two weeks, to establish a personal connection and reassure you in person of my ability and intent to carry on Sing-Si’s computer consulting activities in a professional and responsive manner.

I look forward to working with you. If you have immediate concerns you may phone me at (800) 929-1545.

With best regards,


Joe Peng

MacConcierge, Inc.
54 West 21st Street
Suite 1010
New York NY 10010
(800) 929-1545
MacConcierge, Inc.